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Adam & Danielle

Bonnie Brae

Working with Chris at DOMANI Homes makes what could be a very stressful home building process, stressless. Chris is organized, thoughtful, and on top of scheduling so that the building process runs efficiently. She works with tremendous trades who are meticulous and ensure things are done with the right level of detail. If you want a builder who cares about your project and will keep it running through the many "discoveries" that always happen when building a home, you should work with Chris at DOMANI. We cannot say enough good things about our experience. 

Rachel B.

Cherry Hills Village

Dan M.

Bonnie Brae

We would give the highest recommendation to Chris Regis of DOMANI Homes. We had the opportunity to work with Chris on our Cherry Hills Village remodel and back porch addition. 

She consistently managed this project as it was her own house.  She always demonstrated a high level of attention to detail that was needed to complete this large remodel.  She is "best of class" in Quality Control, Schedule, Cost Management and overall Project Administration. Her positive energy and active communication style were invaluable in her effort to keep the project moving forward on time and on budget. She is a gem and an exceptional General Contractor. Thank you for all of your hard work and your great team of subcontractors for building our dream home.



I can’t imagine a better experience than I had with Chris doing the pop-top and remodel of my house in Bonnie Brae.  She was on time and actually under budget on my project.  Chris’s attention to detail is unparalleled.  She will notice things and have them resolved by the time you even realize there was an issue that needed to be addressed.  She does an amazing job of anticipating things that will come up in your project (which is frequently the case with a remodel.)  She provided for those items in my budget up front so when the problem arose (having to upgrade the electrical in the original part of my house) she had money in the budget to deal with it rather than my having to cope with a change order that would have increased the cost of the job.   Chris totally invests herself in your project and worries about, and plans for ways to deal with or avoid, the problems you are worried about.  Her communication skills are excellent so you will never have to worry about not knowing what is happening on your job.  Can’t say enough good things about my experience with Chris and DOMANI.


Carrie H.

Denver Country Club


Colleen C.

Congress Park

I have now happily completed two projects with Chris—one new build and one significant remodel. I was somewhat anxious going into both due to the scale of the projects and the first one being my first experience of anything similar in scope. Even before the project began, I felt more comfortable due to Chris’s preparation, organization, and direction, as well as her fun but “on top of it” style! Throughout both projects, she stayed on schedule and kept me well informed as issues arose, and I consistently knew what I needed to do in terms of selections on my end. And of course, perhaps most importantly, I ended up with two beautiful, unique, and amazing homes that I have loved spending my life in.




I've worked with Chris and DOMANI Homes on several home remodels and can't say enough about how impressed I am with her work! Her attention to detail, vast construction knowledge and her superb communication and organizational skills make her really stand out in building industry. I've worked in the past with other builders before meeting Chris but will never use anyone but Chris in the future. She is worth every penny!


Arial M.


Maggie & Paul

6th Ave Estates

Christine Regis, of DOMANI Homes built our home in 2004. It's hard to believe that 15 years has passed! We are just as happy today as we were when we first took occupancy of our home. Christine did a fantastic job managing sub-contractors, schedules and our expectations. Christine knows how to stay on time and on budget. She is respected by her sub-contractors and clients. I would not hesitate to build another house with her. 




We were 100% happy with DOMANI Homes. We received Chris's info from Guy's Flooring and we went with her because she seemed competent, down-to-earth, honest, and fun. She was all of those things. All of the work was done expertly. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Throughout our projects, unexpected issues came up (as this was a new house to us but built in 1989). She always knew exactly how to handle everything. Chris's communication was outstanding. She was physically at our house almost every day and we spoke by phone multiple times a day. All of the work was done on time. If there was ever going to be a delay, she warned us ahead of time so we weren't surprised. Same with budget. She gave us a very detailed estimate and the cost stayed on target. If anything was going to be significantly different, she discussed it with us ahead of time so we had choices about it. 

A major benefit with Chris was the sub-contractors she uses. They were all extremely professional and competent. We have two young daughters and we didn't want people in our house that would feel "sketchy" to us. That was never a concern. Over the course of the three projects, the same painters, electricians and flooring people returned. So we got to know them and it was really nice to have that relationship. Plus, it showed they were loyal to Chris. 


We really don't have a single complaint about Chris. She was amazing!

Janis F. 

University Park

Alex V


In 2013, we decided it was time to reconfigure and remodel the first floor of our home.  We chose Chris Regis of DOMANI Homes as our contractor because she had done a wonderful job for our neighbors.  The entire process from planning to completion went extremely well.  She partners with top notch subcontractors. Chris was onsite every day managing the team, and she made the project as low stress for us as anyone could have.  We finished on time and on budget!  We love our "new house."  If we have another project, we will hire Chris!




Chris was the best.  Our house was built in 1892 and hadn't been remodeled at least since the 60s.  There was loose asbestos on the floor in the basement.  There was barely a kitchen -- hardly any cabinetry even.  An addition was built on an insecure foundation.  Chris essentially rebuilt the house from the inside-out and did an amazing job.  In the five years since the remodel we haven't had any issues whatsoever.  The house is now amazing and open, and we love living and entertaining here.  Chris is one of the most reliable, honest people I've worked with.  Highly recommended.



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